Coca Cola Crate Concepts

Task Definition

Develop the Coca-Cola reusable crate of the future

a) which represents a new Coca-Cola design icon:
The current reusable bottle crate by Coca-Cola proves itself in millions of German households every day. But how could the bottle crate of the future look? We are looking for a crate that is so stylish and appealing that customers will proudly want to present in their living spaces, instead of hiding it in the garage.

b) which contributes to achieving Coca-Cola’s sustainability goals:
Coca-Cola is interested in your ideas of how, from an environmental point of view, the bottle crate could be further optimized in the future. You should also bear in mind the construction and weight, as well as the material used.

c) which fulfills the functional demands of the future customers:
The Coca-Cola bottle crate must fulfill the demands of all users. It should be as light as possible, easy to carry, transportable, stackable and suitable for storage. You should also consider the needs of special user groups like singles, families or seniors.

Concept Ideas

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