H2Overhaul Contest

Task Definition

Don’t let water go to waste! H2Overhaul wants ideas which explore how new and existing buildings/facilities can use less water, reuse the water they currently use, and capture water to use on-site.
Look at this problem from three angles:

Water-efficient Landscaping around the building site, e.g. How can the site be irrigated in new ways? How can we maximize the amount of captured rainwater on-site?
Innovative Wastewater Technologies, e.g. What on-site solutions can be used to reduce wastewater and demand on potable water (i.e. drinkable water) to carry it away.
Water Use Reduction, e.g. How can sites reduce water from inside and lower their reliance on municipal water supplies?

Successful ideas will demonstrate at least one of the above concepts which tackles holistic water recycling: from wastewater (i.e. greywater, black water, drainwater) to reclaimed water (i.e. rainwater) to potable drinking water.

Water is often wasted because it is under priced, but in considering the inverse of this concept – saving water should not be prohibitively expensive! While the cost of water will invariably go up in the future, do not restrict proposals based on today’s costs: a good idea is a good idea, it is not just about cost savings!

All submissions should include a visually clear and detailed proposal describing an innovative, original process to reduce/reuse water in buildings. Video is optional.

Proposals should express which problem it is solving, how the idea solves the problem, and what the idea’s value is to the potential customers.

The Ideas:

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